Types Of Metal

Sterling Silver Cremation Jewellery

This is one of the most beautiful metals available on the market today.  The mixture of different alloys combined with the cool tones and versatile nature make sterling silver an iconic staple throughout history.  While beautiful and stunning in nature, it does take a small amount of effort to keep its lustre and beauty intact. Certain pendants are now coated with Rhodium to help prevent tarnishing.

A striking combination of 92% silver and 8% other metals including copper, sterling silver is too soft on its own to be of any use to most industries.  Adding the copper alloy to the silver produced a very strong and versatile metal yet still preserved the natural beauty of the silver colour and nature.  The term sterling is said to have emerged in England in the 13th century as it was used to reference 0.925 grade silver.

Beautiful sterling silver does not stay luminous all on its own.  Because sterling silver is not a pure metal, the incidence of corrosion and tarnishing does rise.  Silver itself does not react with elements such as water and oxygen.  Copper, however, is reactive to oxygen and will produce the tarnished look that you see in silver that has not been properly cared for. There are products on the market today that remove the tarnish from the metal and can do so without damaging the sterling silver.  Hand polishing is typically the best way to remove tarnish from smaller items such as silverware or jewellery but in cases of extreme wear or tarnish, a professional polishing tool can be utilized.

Gold Vermiel/Plated Cremation Jewellery

Gold vermeil is actually quite similar to gold plated and the two often get confused.  Gold, silver and other metals combined make up gold vermeil and it is very popular with jewellery making.  When you have a jewellery item or pendant that is sterling silver and that is then in turn coated with a layer of at least 10 karat gold then you have gold vermeil.  Gold vermeil is also called silver gilt due to the gilding process of achieving gold vermeil.  Gold vermeil is currently produced by electrolysis. Gold vermeil is versatile and complimentary to many skin tones.

Gold Cremation Jewellery Cremation Jewellery

14k gold cremation jewellery is a popular selection. Gold is often chosen for it’s value and it’s resistance to corrosion. 14k gold comes in two different styles: yellow gold and white gold. Yellow gold is simply gold in its natural state. Many people prefer this traditional finish because of its natural beauty. Other individuals prefer to have 14k gold in what is commonly called white gold. White gold is created by using a mixture of pure gold and other white metals. Typically, white gold is plated with a rhodium to enhance the whiteness and harden the pendant for better durability. 

Titanium Cremation Jewellery

Titanium is one of the most unique precious metals today used in cremation jewellery. Titanium is known for its characteristics of being extremely light, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Titanium is approximately 45% lighter then steel, while offering a much better finish and longevity. It is also one of our most popular choices for men’s cremation jewellery. Titanium cremation jewellery is available in necklaces or bracelets where there is a cylinder to hold the contents.

Stainless Steel Cremation Jewellery

Stainless steel is a good alternative to precious metals. It is an affordable choice with a bright, shiny appearance, it is also tarnish resistant. Stainless steel also has hyper allergenic qualities.

Platinum Cremation Jewellery

Because this metal is so versatile and so rare, platinum jewellery makes a very special cremation pendant which will be cherished for a lifetime. Many people own gold jewellery, while far fewer boast jewellery made of platinum. If you want to choose something truly unique and exceptional to house the ashes of the special someone in your life, consider platinum cremation jewellery. It is very sturdy and resilient, making it ideal for everyday wear, it will maintain its colour and brilliance, while other metals may lose their lustre or become blemished or discoloured.

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